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Some words I choose to describe myself include artistic, talkative, plotter, lunatical, bread sticks, laxatives, incorruptible, intelligent, yo-yo, and... wait, are those even descriptors? I need a new script writer...

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A lot of people have asked me if I will scout them. I have no idea how I became so famous for unscouted users, but I am willing to check ANYONE who drops a note in my inbox. I love helping out, but am too lazy to go to the unscouted submissions page to see who's good enough for the portal. Actually, about that; I am quite the critic. I try very hard not to base my critiques on preference. Even pictures that I do not like may have a positive response from me. But again, I am a heavy hitter. If you ask me to scout work that is not up to par with the art portals lowest standards, I will turn you down. I will offer my advice to any and all, and if you come back later with an updated portfolio, I may scout your art page. That is how I roll.

In the NEWS portion of this journal, I would like to address the fact that I have been seemingly absent for quite some time. Those of you who actually give a hoot may have wondered "wut up wid dat?" Well, I have been trying to get settled for the summer, and have not had the time to do much art work. SOON, I will posting my latest work, which is a much more kick-ass version of the Trite alien that I drew awhile back. Get ready for some crazy updates!

Lastly, I would like to ask for opinions. I have a series of comics titled "Epic Fail" that I would like to somehow post on newgrounds. I have considered the art portal, but fear that the apparently low quality (though many of the comics have a lot of work put into them) might boot me out. I have considered news posts, but that would create a HUGE mess in my journals area. Any suggestions?

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